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This privacy policy (hereinafter called “Statement ”) covers SBI Material Technology Co. and its own group’ (hereinafter called “SBIMTC”) , customers, 
users of SBIMTC’s products, candidates, or any other user of our official website (hereinafter called “You”) how SBIMTC will use Your personal data 
SBIMTC collected.
For creating better service and quality of products for our customers we may have to collect your personal data.
  • For creating and improving services or products.
  • For the operation of business.
  • For communicating and Marketing & sales.
  • For cyber system security.
  • For management of SBIMTC’s customers or suppliers.
  • For Compliance with laws or orders of official authorities.
          Types                                                                            Description
Basic Information Name, Job title, Company, and department information
Contact Information Telephone number, cellphone number, email address
Contact History Time-stamp, date, and content of contact
User Data A device, Device system, browser, browser setting, IP address, system language, time-stamp, user name, password, encryption log-in data, user data, statistical data, website interaction records (including but not limited to mouse track and touching interaction)

you may have to provide different personal data to SBIMTC based on the purpose you use the official website. SBIMTC shall use reasonable manners to protect
thepersonal data you provided. however, please be aware that SBIMTC may not be able to properly respond to you in the case of any inadequate, incorrect, or any
defectof the personal data you provided. in case of any update of your personal data, please 
contact us.
SBIMTC may collect your personal data on the condition below:
  • Collected from You on your initiative;
  • Collected directed from SBIMTC’s contacting with You;
  • Collected through the business relationship between SBIMTC and You;
  • Collected through the legal relationship between SBIMTC and You;
  • Collected by SBIMTC from our Official Website; or
  • Built by SBIMTC based on the products or services SBIMTC provided to You
To the extent of the law, SBIMTC may transfer your personal data we collected in accordance with this Statement to the transferee below:
  • The official authorities to whom SBIMTC is obliged by law to provide to;
  • Customers, suppliers, certified accountants, auditors, consultants, lawyers, and other professionals who are obliged by confidential confidentiality equal
  • to the degree of the obligation for SBIMTC under this Statement;
  • Litigant, official authorities or judicial authorities for the protection of the vital rights and interests of SBIMTC or of another natural person; or
  • Heirs, successors, and assigns of SBIMTC’s business or property on the condition including but not limited to reorganization, dissolution, or liquidation.
SBIMTC may cross-board process your personal data to our foreign agent, customer, or supplier where the laws of personal data protection may be different from
the applicablelaw of your local law. SBIMTC shall make a reasonable effort to comply with the laws of the transferee’s local law. In the case of any conflicts between
transferee’s local law andSBIMTC’s local law, the stricter shall prevail.
However, please be aware that it shall not be deemed to be the aforesaid SBIMTC’s
cross-board processing on the condition thatyou process your personal data directly by yourself, including but not limited to uploading to the cloud.

SBIMTC has put the effort to prevent any illegal modification, unauthorized disclosure, unauthorized access, or any other illegal or unauthorized processing. however,
please be aware that digital risks remain in the process of providing personal data through the internet due to the public nature of the internet and SBIMTC is only
able to protect the data you provided to SBIMTC. you shallstill adopt proper digital protection while surfing the internet.

SBIMTC shall only be liable to store and protect your personal data in accordance with the obligation of laws. SBIMTC shall store your personal data in a form SBIMTC
can identify You for a period of your relationship with SBIMTC (including but not limited to a business relationship or registered membership) or of a period permitted
by law for SBIMTC’s or thirdparty’s vital rights or interests,
whichever is longer (hereinafter “Storage Period”). However, for the restrictions of the storage system and the integrity of the data, SBIMTC may extend the terms
storing your personal data for a year (hereinafter “Extent Period”). SBIMTC shall only use your personal data for the purpose of storage, system maintenance, and
cyber security in the Extend Period. In the case You contact SBIMTC(including but not limited to extent business relationship or submitting forms) in the term of
Extent Period, the Storage Period shall be renewed. SBIMTC shall delete or destroy your personal data, ortransform your personal data to a system backup data in a
form that is not attributed to an identified or identifiable natural person forever after the expiration of the “Extent Period”.

You may exercise your rights below in accordance with the law for your privacy control. please be aware that SBIMTC shall need to identify you to be the rightful
subject to thepersonal data before your exercise of the rights. however, SBIMTC may not be able to provide you with proper service or response (including but not
limited to notbeing able to reach you after you request to delete your contact information) after your exercise of the rights below. you may have to pay the
processing fee for your exercise, including but not limited to the postage.
  • Refuse to provide your personal data;
  • Request to access, make duplicate, modify, correct, or another exercise of rights related to your provided personal data;
  • Request to delete or restrict access to your personal data in accordance with the law;
  • Request to transfer your personal data if it is possible;
  • Withdraw your consent to SBIMTC to access, obtain your personal data (please be aware that, the withdrawal shall not avoid SBIMTC’s rightful former
  • collection or disposal of your
  • personal data); or submit a complaint to official authorities against SBIMTC’s collection, access, or disposal of your personal data.
If You have further questions or concerns about any of the SBIMTC entities you can contact us by

Mail :

SBI Material Technology Co.
Attn: Data Privacy Officer, General Manager Office.
No.82-1,Aly.61,Ln.328, Xinxing Road, Jhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan. R.O.C.
Requests that do not have sensitive or confidential content can be sent by email to