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SBI Material Technology Co.(SBI) ,Founded in 2002, is dedicated to developing and manufacturing various types of display, visual applications, touch screen,and other related applications’ products/solutions using “Optical Coating” technology. With the combined concepts of technological innovation and green energy,we believe in the values of outstanding service, top-notch quality, and integration. With over 20 years of optical coating and marketing experience, our team is able to tailor for the fast-changing needs of both domestic and overseas markets (Europe, North America, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, and China) in order to create ideal and competitive products/solutions through innovation and integration.

Our products bring together an unique mix of optical wet coating technology (dipping/spraying process) and EB-PVD coating technology, providing a variety of optical products
ranging from AR, AG, AF, HC, AS,AB, colored or semi-reflective mirror surface, UV / IR cut, to high reflective coating for flat/curved plastic surface and cover glass. At the same time,
the technology of polymer materials used during the process is also expanded to general usages for family, environmental protection, product appearances, and the industries of energy supplier.
In the extensive fields of medical treatment, touch technology, transportation system, advertisement, industry, wearable, and different kind of consumer products, we aim to provide and enhance our products/solutions based on our innovative and integrative development

Core Technology

To combine the polymer nano chemistry /color dye,optical coating and  engineering plastics technologies, create the major core ability of competition,to develop various advance optical technology and product.

SBI's technologies, always for you!


Able to coating on various optical grade plastics and glass substrate.


Substrate Material 

Variously optical design/coating technology supporting.

From oxide to metal coating we provide the wet coating and vacuum deposition coating technology for various application.

Optical Coating


Polymer nano chemistry and color dye technology to enhance the add value.

Marcomolecule  and dye technology provides more values and competition, to extesion the product's applications.

Chemical and Dye tech. ​


Large size(~65inch) coating with high optical performance and good reliability.


       R&D development .

QA management.